mardi 18 février 2020

BYRNE@SWANK february 2020

50 SHADES OF RED @ SWANK EVENTS Fashion and Passion with a little Indulgence, a little fun, a little excitement.. Are you ready, because It’s sure to set your pulses racing. ♥ 50 SHADES OF RED ♥
Morgan is wearing :
(BYRNE) JadePono Outfit EXCLUSIVE for SWANK-February
Off-shoulder satin red rose print retro dress with wide brim hat and
stiletto heels.Materials enabled.For Maitreya Only
Comes in 2 sets of 2 colours-HOT-Rose/Gold and COOL-White/Blue.
Geoffrey is wearing :
(BYRNE) Pono Coat & Tie EXCLUSIVE for Guys
Open leather coat & loose tie with bold rose print
Material enabled for mesh bodies-Jake Belleza & Signature Gianni.
Comes in four colours-WHITE,GOLD,ROSE & BLUE.

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