vendredi 29 janvier 2016


Belles Parisiennes WOMEN presents sum summer tic-tac Anis. This dress was an exclusivity for IDE event..but if you missed it. I have a good news!! You will have the opportunity to purchase it from next week at Belles Parisiennes Main store.

Belles Parisiennes WOMEN presents Dominique. Here is the limo!

Belles Parisiennes presents Charlotte. A lovely outfit avalaible in different colors : Bleu de Prusse, Gris Anthracite, Rouge grenat, vert melese and Violet Cardinal.
Here is the limo to the main store :

Belles Parisiennes MEN presents Elegant Winter an exclusive item you can purchase at FEROSH FASHION event until 15th of february.

Marinya and Jenny @ 7Deadly s{K}ins