lundi 14 novembre 2016

*PC* - RAM Bracelets

The event : Marvelous Monthly

Dates : Nov 1st-25 th 2016
Name of the item : RAM bracelets
Collection : Original/Summer 2016
Category : Jewellery
100 % original mesh and textures created by Trinity Yazimoto.
Each set includes 3 colors :
4 sets available :
Leather (Red on pic)
Rubber (white on pic)
Pastel (Pink on pic)
Glitter (Blue on pic)

SWANK November 2016 - LUXE Paris & VIRTUAL DIVA

It´s coming…
We feel the cool autumn breeze flowing thru the trees. The smell of the changing seasons and the soft crunch of the leaves under our foot.
Come with us!
Event runs from November 7th till November 30th
LUXE Paris : ROCK STAR Jacket Shirt Tie Pant
VIRTUAL DIVA : Charm Male Pose 6
*Taken at NeoShoda 


#KAMELOT# – Dress Full Moon
Maitreya/ Venus/ ISIS/ Freya/ Slink Physique/ Slink Hourglass in the/ TMP/ Fitted mesh/ Classical
*Taken at The Outer Garden