mardi 19 janvier 2016

*Petit Chat* @ EVA (Eden of Virtual Arts)

Here is a new release from Petit Chat Regular collection
its a set of a high waist short skirt and a croped jacket.

Each version is a game between 2 colors with an addictions of several other colors in thin lines.
4 versions available
5 standard sizes and fitted

Petit Chat Regular :
A lovely casual line focusing on feminity. High quality texture. Trinity brings you a fashion easy to wear every day with touches of originality..

EVENT : EVA (Eden of Virtual Arts)
Dates : jan, 14-24th

Here is a new release from Petit Chat for men.
Those are jeans.
There are 3 colors available.
The jeans have a belt and some straps and pockets. Over the pocket it shows a part of the underwear.
5 standard sizes + fitted.

THE ITEM WILL BE RELEASED AT THE EVA new round. (jan, 14-24th)

Petit Chat Man’s :
Created in 2015, this is the line for all the men who care about their look. Trinity’s high sense of detail gives a special touch to her male fashion collection.

Additionnal styling informations (clothes) :

Jacket : ..::ILLI::.. Bomberjack
Shoes : ..::ILLI::.. Stanley Sneakers