mardi 12 décembre 2017

Ch's Designs @ SWANK December 2017

It’s OPEN!!!!
Well it’s another year over and a new one about to begin!
We invite you to Greatest Event of the Season! An entire WINTER WONDERLAND of Snow and Glitter, with GIFTS set out to find all over the land, Dance areas, Ice Skating, snow angels, & areas to pull up a seat , let it snow down on you and shower you in the Holiday Spirit! An Amazing Display of Almost 150 designers that you all know and love in Fashion, Beauty, Home & Garden! As always, all Exclusive just for you in The Best This Holiday Season has to offer!! Don’t forget the Gatchas toooo! TP pad to the Winter Wonderland at the landing point. Happy Holidays to Everyone from all of us at SWANK EVENTS
Ch’s – David
TMP – Adam – Aesthetic – Belleza – Signature – Classic –
Color Hud
*Taken at Tralala’s Diner