lundi 23 octobre 2017

LUXE Paris@SWANK Octobre 2017

We invite you to visit the HAUNTED HOUSE, take a spin with us on a dark ROLLER COASTER and more…. Almost 150 of SL’s Best Fashion, Beauty, Home & Garden… All Exclusive just for you! Join us for this SPOOKTACULAR EVENT!
LUXE Paris ANKH Jumpsuit,Neck, Corset and Bracelet


(r)M Hair N°53’17
Folder Content :
(HuD)Locks >Natural + Fantasy
(r)M Hair N° 53’17
(r)M Hair N°53’17 (ANIMATED)
(r)M Hair N° 53’17, Size +
(r)M Hair N° 53’17, Size + (ANIMATED)