mardi 24 novembre 2015


LUXE Paris : Silver Chic
LUXE Paris - Out and About Denim            

You can purchase those new creations at LUXE Paris

LUXE Paris is a high quality fashion brand for women & men, inspired by the Parisian haute couture and created by the professional model Parisian Skytower and the fashion editor Mika Palmyra.

Gowns, dresses, suits, pants, bikinis, lingerie, LUXE Paris explores the virtual elegance for all occasions, with quality standards made for the connoisseurs.

Be good to you, wear Paris style!

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Belles Parisiennes Homme - Veste Vintage Tartan & Cuir noir

Here is the new jacket from Belle Parisiennes Homme. This Vintage Tartan & Leather jacket can be purchased at Belles Parisiennes Main Store.