mercredi 9 mai 2018

Heth Haute Couture

Men’s May group gift :
HHC – The Jason Men’s Ensemble
This stylish men’s ensemble features two-tone lush suede corduroy jacket with zip front, besom pockets and tab collar. The matching pants feature a tie-front. Also included are matching designer slip-on shoes. Includes sizes for Slink, Exmachima Slink, Signature, Altamura, Adam, and matching Fitmesh and Classic pant sizes. Shoes come in Rigged and non-rigged sizes with resizer versions to provide a perfect custom fit. Compatible with most mesh bodies. Style with confidence in this new mesh men’s ensemble.
Men’s May free gift :
The Michael Sunglasses
Styling requires essential pieces that will complete a look. The Michael sunglasses will add sauve looks to your best styles. Modern 100% mesh wire frames with textures and materials included. Includes four versions; with and without resizer.
*Taken at Isle of May

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