samedi 4 novembre 2017

Sorumin@The Avenue November 2017

-Sorumin – Sophia set GACHA


Name of the item: Themis – Armlets
Collection: Original/ 2017
Category: Jewelry
100 % original mesh by Trinity Yazimoto.
Themis…an ancient Greek Titaness was the goddess of law and fairness.and a literal translation is “that which is put in place” Well, these exquisite armbands are certainly put in the right place…right on your arm. One of the symbols of status and fashion in Ancient Greece was the armband. Hey! If it was good enough for some Greek deity…it’s good enough for you right! Be your own Goddess!
Hud driven : 6 color options for the stones. 2 metals in single packs, 6 metals for the full set.
The event : The Underdog (October Round)
Oct 14 – Nov 4th…so if you missed it it’s today the last day!!!