lundi 2 octobre 2017

Heth Haute Couture - October Men's group gift

HHC – The Marq Men’s Suit
Because love is love, is love – This progressive couture for todays SL man. This handsome suit is a bold step forward toward equal rights, and something that you will reach for when styling for your special occasions. 100% Original Mesh – this suit features a slim fit jacket crafted in raw embellished silk, and features an original artistic design above the heart that you can subtly let those around you know that you believe in love and that everyone should have the right to love whom they will. The art features 2 figures embracing and below the ❤ is ❤ is <3. Also included; shirt, slacks, belt, formal shoes and socks. Includes 5 sizes and is compatible with mesh bodies.
Look your best – style right. — HETH Haute Couture
*Taken at Whole Wheat