samedi 24 mars 2018

*Petit Chat *

1.Name of the item: Fannette – Sun Hat
Collection: Original/ 2018
Category: Accessory
100 % original mesh by Trinity Yazimoto.
Texture hud included (8 options on the fabric and on the petals)
The event : Finders, Keepers St Patrick hunt
March 18-24th
2. Name of the item: Soleil – Necklace
Collection: Original/ 2018
Category: Jewellery
100 % original mesh by Trinity Yazimoto.
The necklace comes with a Hud giving 12 options on metals, string and Sun separately.
The necklace comes in 2 linked pieces (String & Sun) in order to leave you more freedom to adjust the sun as you wish.
The event : InspirationSL- March 17 round – Theme : Gypsy spring
*Taken at Whimberly