dimanche 21 août 2016


Opi dining complete set
 New, modern rustic dining room. Available as a complete set, or as individual pieces



LUXE Paris - GREEN BOUQUET Top & Skirt

LUXE Paris is a high quality fashion brand for women & men, inspired by the Parisian haute couture and created by the professional model Parisian Skytower and the fashion editor Mika Palmyra.

Gowns, dresses, suits, pants, bikinis, lingerie, LUXE Paris explores the virtual elegance for all occasions, with quality standards made for the connoisseurs.

Be good to you, wear Paris style!


The Going Crazy Mesh Avatar is an EXCLUSIVE for the 5th Annual LoveFest from [covert] (formerly dirty.little.secret]!

I'm the standing one on this picture (laughs madly)

[covert] @ Lovecraft Festival 2016