jeudi 13 octobre 2016

Petit Chat - Indian Summer top & Skirt

Name of the item : Indian summer (skirt and top sold separately)
Collection : Regular/Fall 2016
Category : Casual
Textures created by Trinity Yazimoto.
When summer doesn’t want to end, we call it indian summer. Those 2 pieces will be the perfect outfit to enjoy late summerish days. Sold separately you can mix and match the colors and create your own style. There is no wrong combinaison, everything is possible, it’s just a matter of taste. Make a statement about yours with this Indian Summer outfit !
Top : 5 sizes + fitted
Skirt : 5 sizes + fitted
Alpha layer
Skirt :10 colors available : Cadet blue, Candy, Carbon, Cream, Pond, Poppy, Rose, Sand, Sky, Violet.
Top :10 colors available : Cherry, Cloud, Cream, Grass, Pearl, Pink, Pond, Rose, Sky, Tan.
Fat pack skirts (hud driven) & Fat pack tops (hud driven) available.
Full fatpack (including skirt & top with 10 colors hud) available
The event : Marvelous Monthly
Dates : Oct 1st-25 th 2016
*Taken at ~Neive~


SWANK EVENT (October 2016 round) presents BAD OUTFIT MEN by LRD.
Glasses not included
*Taken at Hunting Hollows

SWANK October 2016 - Emerald Couture - You Goth Me

Emerald Couture is at SWANK (October 2016 round) with “You Goth Me” outfit for men.
For more Emerald Couture for Men, here is the limo :
*Taken at Foggy Swamp