dimanche 25 décembre 2016

Somebody's watching me

Credits :
Dress : Mistique – Shelley Black
Hairs : TRUTH HAIR Feronia
Jewels : Nord Embel’Lys – Dame des glaces (GROUP GIFT)
Pose : *PosESioN* – Xplosion 6
Mainstores :
**Shooting done at Ironwood Hills 

Merry Christmas with Petit Chat

Credits :
Hat : *PC* Lauren’s french beret
Collection : Original/Winter 2016/2017
Category : Accessories
100 % original mesh and textures created by Trinity Yazimoto.
Let’s start with the three b’s..Beret, Bacall, Bombshell. As worn by the iconic star of the 40’s and 50’s, who brought style to the big screen, this French Beret will add style to your screen too. For a classic but updated look with dress or trench-coat a beret adds that finish! You want one? Just whistle…
8 Versions available : Camel, Ebony, Grass, Grey, Plum, Red, Snow, Teal
Each version comes in 2 shapes and in 2 fabrics (wool and felt), thus you get 4 berets per pack.
The event : InspirationSL event / Dec round (L. Bacall/H. Bogart)
EVENT DATE: Dec 18th 2016 – Jan 8th 2017
Jewels :
Bracelet : Holly Corsage (GIFT!!)
After this crazy night and a day for resting, the snowmen band and I started to prepare the Christmas evening.
We decorated the living room with garlands and toys and Blue Snowman even did repaint the walls in red and green.
Green snowmen and I went for a long walk in the mount nextdoor and we found holly… A lot of holly.. so we got some and made some lovely bouquet that we put in vases all around the room as we returned home.
Purple snowman made some corsages for me that i will wear at Christmas evening when we will dance.
How cute !
Here are some for you.
He made 2 versions, one with green and red, and one using Petit Chat colors : chocolate and turquoise.
Earrings : The snowmen earrings (GIFT!!)
As the snowmen band was not behaving while Trinity was trying to sleep in bed… As they were singing loud, jumping on bed and laughing like old pirates … yes snowmen can do that sometimes….
Trinity desperately needed to sleep…..
She caught them and caged them in crystal balls and worn them as earrings….
We still dont know what Santa will think of that…
But Trinity believes that if we are numerous to wear the snowmen in earrings, Santa will have a big crazy laugh..
So here are the earrings, please make sure to wear them and let’s see if Santa giggled so he brings more gifts at Petit Chat !!
Shoes : Sophia Heels Xmas edition (GIFT!)
Still on the way to get ready for our xmas evening !
Im so happy to have Santa and the snowmen band as guest this year !
Snowmen are now practicing their music together for being ready for the party !
And Santa will be my partner for dancing ! woooot !
So i needed shoes ! Beautiful shoes but not too much painful for my feet, as im sure Santa will want we dance all the night long !
So here are the Sophia Xmas edition !!
Halo : Snowflakes Hallo (GIFT!)
Do you know what happen to snowmen if by chance they get hit on the head ?
They see snowflakes turning around their head !
Yes Santa has weird jokes !
Here is a snowflake hallo in case you get hammered on the head !
it’s rotating, and you can add several ones, you can link them, and modify them to your wish !
You can find 12 amazing gifts near Christmas tree at *PC* Mainstore!!
Sweater ; Rendez-Vous Sweater Rose
Soft and comfortable, the Rendez-Vous sweater has a scooped neck with an open back and frilled cuffs and waistband. Buttons on the back opening completed the look. For those days when you want to relax and kick back but look stylish and chic.
5 sizes + fitted + 2 Slink + Maitreya
8 colors available : Cadet blue, Carbon, Rose, Forest, Grass, Iced Coffee, Pink Lavender, Vintage.
Pants : Moodge Pants Orange
5 standard sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL)
4 versions available (tartan) : Red, Orange, Green, Blue.