samedi 16 septembre 2017

*PC*@ The Hidden Chapter & Darkness Monthly Event

1 . Name of the item: Fanny Earrings
Collection: Original/ 2017
Category: Jewelry
100 % original mesh by Trinity Yazimoto.
Sometimes simple is the best. Simple and fashionable that is. A pair of easy fitting, uncomplicated earrings is just what is needed when you want to go casual and smart. Just pop these coin and pearl fashion earrings in and you’re ready!
Hud driven : 6 colors on 3 separated parts. (coin, pearl, crown).
The event : The Hidden Chapter
September round : Sept, 14th-30 th
2. Name of the item: Lock me Necklace
Collection: Original/ 2017
Category: Jewelry-Women
100 % original mesh by Trinity Yazimoto.
Everything precious needs protecting…so lock me up good with the Lock Me Necklace. Banded collar with chain and padlock. Time to lock away your feelings and keep them safe. Now you’ll need more than the key to my heart…
Hud driven : 4 metal options + 4 colors for the lock
The event : The Darkness monthly event : Sept 5-30th

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